Japanese Quest: Architecture Doc

March 06, 20232 min read
Japanese Quest: Architecture Doc

Project Motivation

In 2023 I decided to take a trip to Japan since this was a long life dream of mine. In order to arrive at the country with at least some language knowledge, I also decided to start taking Japanese classes.

I've discovered that Japanese has 3 alphabets (4 if you include romaji, which is our alphabet), and it is a nightmare to remember all those symbols.

So, the idea of the app is to help me (and other people) train and remember all those symbols from the Japanese alphabets.

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Home Screen

Home screen

The home screen of the app is where you can choose what area of the app you want to access: currently we have the quizes, keyboards and the glossaries.

Quiz Screen

The quiz screen consists of a central card that will present you a symbol from the Japanese alphabet, to this date, we only have Hiragana.

You'll have to type the "romaji" equivalent of that symbol, and if you get it right, you will be presented with a button to go to the next one, until you complete the alphabet.

Glossary Screen

Glossary screen

The glossary screen is a simple one, you have all the symbols (from Hiragana only up to now) and its equivalent in "romaji" so you can learn and remember them in case you forgot.

Keyboard Screen

Keyboard screen

This is a really interesting screen. It is a full keyboard to write stuff in Hiragana. You have all the symbols there so you can click and write your words, but there's also something really cool about it.

If you write any word in "romaji" in the text area, it will be automatically translated to an equivalent hiragana symbol, so you can use it to type words in Japanese really fast instead of searching for the symbols or using a translator.


Architecture-wise there's nothing much to it. It's a simple SPA created using React.js and it is hosted on Netlify. The keyboard works thanks to React hooks to process the keystrokes and changing them using some regex.